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Waverley Line Open Studios – 10th May


waverley line open studios

Waverley Line Open Studios 10th May, 10am-4pm Newtongrange, Eskbank & Mayfield, Midlothian.

Less than a week to go now until the first Waverley Line Open studios which I am very excited to part of!

The idea first came about when Julie Read posted in our town’s local Facebook group, looking for creative people working in the area, who would be interested in opening their work-spaces to the public. In the past few years I’ve visited many open studios events, which have sprung up around the country and always enjoyed these days out, discovering new artists work and being allowed a peek into their normally private work spaces is always inspiring! I’ve often thought it would be great if there was something like that going on locally… so I replied to Julie and soon there were 5 of us, who all work professionally, either full or part time as artists or designer / makers. Our work-spaces are quite diverse – from a shed in the garden, a room in our home, to an industrial unit but they’ll all be open to the public on Saturday 10th of May!

Why Waverley Line..? This event is named after the Waverley Line Railway that was closed on 6 January 1969. The reopening of this line planned for 2015 will link the Scottish Borders with Midlothian and Edinburgh. Our studios are all nearby this  railway line, which  was originally named after Waverley, the novel, written in 1814 by Sir Walter Scott so already has a good connection with the arts historically.

We have worked extremely hard in preparation for the day, building a website, setting up a facebook page, designing and distributing leaflets, sharing the work between us. It’s the first time I’ve been involved in organising an event of any kind and have to admit I really had no idea of the amount of work involved!

The room I normally work from at home is in the middle of some DIY operations and not quite fit enough for visitors so I made the rash decision to decant all my art and craft paraphernalia into my conservatory, which is altogether more pleasant plus there’s a lovely view of the garden.

This has meant sorting through all my fabrics, buttons, craft books, started but discarded pieces and scrap books and sketchbooks, while trying not to get too distracted. Difficult!

scrapbooks 7 sketchbooks

It’s been fun finding things I’d forgotten about and sometimes wondering why I’d kept them… other stuff makes me want to immediately stop what I’m doing and get to work sewing, making, doing but there’s not much time for that until I get through the ‘to do’ list, currently stretching to 3 A4 sheets! However it’s starting to come together and I am very pleased with how things are shaping up.

art postcards

There has been time for sewing too. These stripy ear guys are new… I think they look like part of the scenery here.

textile creatures

Got my cards back from the printers and am so happy with how they came out, especially the hello envelope. They were fun to design using photographs of my own creations. I’d like to do more but I’ll just have to wait and see how they sell…

greetings cards by Julia Laing

Still got framing and hanging to do.

open studio

Hope some of you can come along on the day! You can find loads of photos of everybody’s work on Waverley Line Open Studios website and Facebook page. You can also find a link to download a copy of our leaflet, which has a map and where to find us all on this page.

Oh and did I say…? We’re in the local paper!

midlothian advertiserIf you’d like to know more about any of the artists and makers involved please visit the links below.

Studio Addresses & Information


Blockart by Kirsty Palmer

Address: 9 Dundas Crescent, Eskbank, Midlothian, EH22 3ES

Email: kirsty_palmer@hotmail.com


End Of Terrace Trading by Kiki Pearson

Address: 92 Fifth Street, Newtongrange, Midlothian, EH22 4PL

Email: kikigbp@yahoo.co.uk

Website: facebook.com/endofterracetrading

Bibi Design by Julie Read

Address: 16 Park Road, Newtongrange, Midlothian, EH22 4JW

Email: info@bibi-design.co.uk

Websites: bibi-design.co.uk & www.portfolio-oomph.com

Phone: 07815 810797

Materialised by Julia Laing

Address: 20 Eighth Street, Newtongrange,Midlothian, EH22 4JP

Email: julialaing@materialised.co.uk

Website: materialised.co.uk

Andrea Geile - Visual Artist 

Address: Unit 48 Mayfield Industrial Estate, Midlothian, EH22 4AD

Email: andreageile@yahoo.co.uk

Website: andreageile.co.uk

Author: Julia

Artist & craft-maker


  1. Hope that it all goes well and you get plenty of visitors. I love looking at sketch books when I go around open studio event. Then I want to get home and start making something. The cards look great.

  2. This is so exciting Julia! And such a lot of hard work! I hope you all have a really successful and wonderful experience. Loving your knit eared bunnies…and the cards too! If I wasn’t off down to London with my wares I’d be so making a bee line to come see.xx

  3. Oh thanks Jenny! It’s been a great learning experience, that’s for sure! Are you off to London for the trade fair? Good luck, hope it goes well in the big city! x

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